Our portfolio.

Foundation consulting

A great idea alone is not sufficient to successfully start a flourishing business. It is paramount to have expertise in all economic aspects of a business as well as in legal matters to ensure compliance and to raise financing.


Organisation and process optimization

Operational and organisational processes need to be clearly defined. We analyse current processes and test them for efficiency and effectiveness. Based on our analysis we optimise processes within a tight, pre-agreed timetable.


Structure consulting

Businesses are constantly subjected to dynamic changes. We react to these with required adjustments like adaptation of the business model, resetting of the cost structure or the adaptation of the financing structure.


Turnarounds and crisis management

Companies in a crisis situation need tailor-made solutions and quick action in order to protect assets and to return to sustainable profitability.


Interim management

We offer interim management services in order to react quickly and efficiently to challenging circumstances. We act on short notice and leverage our broad experience with transparent costing. As a result way we can quickly engage with your company.